Thursday, January 18, 2007

Something New

It's always pretty interesting when you get yourself into something new. It might work. It might fail. Either way, it's still something new. I think that's why people are scared to try new things. The reality is, that most people fail before they ever begin because they give in to the fear of failure. Without failure, there is no room for growth and improvement. New is different and even uncomfortable at times. New can even be threatening when it goes in a direction that we did not like or expect. That's the risk one runs when trying things that are new.

Today, something new happened. I am taking a risk. We'll see if it works. I'm going into an unexplored territory where some have had great success. However, there are many more that have given up miserably to failure because they did not have instant success with the new. The mystery of the "new." No one knows what it's going to be like. Yet, it is inevitable because the only constant is change. Change leads to new. New leads to fear, except for those who stand in the "new" and ride it through. These are they that we come to recognize and follow. These are those whom naturally aspire to places of influence -- those who managed to navigate through the "new."

Today I started something new. Now time will show me if my work and effort will be worth it. My adventure into the "new."