Thursday, July 31, 2008

like a ton of bricks...

last night at church we were having a discussion on God. no biggy, i know. yet somewhere in the midst of a discussion that i could have swore that i have had before, it hit me like a tone of bricks...
"God is always changing and moving towards change, yet He still remains the same."
i've been thinking about this all day.
any takers on this idea or thoughts on the matter? i dare you to try to explain. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

to an honest reflection...

as i listened to this announcement, again, about the ending of 7.22, i was moved and challenged. in case you didn't know, 7.22 is a ministry that's been around for about 12/13 years and has helped shaped what some churches look like/feel like today - for the good or bad. either way, some of the thoughts that were shared were difficult ones to face. i often wonder what an honest look in the mirror will do to me as a person, minister, husband, or father. i think, no matter which hat we wear, looking in the mirror and seeing the truth is a must.

more over, we must act on what we know to be true and i think that's what the folks at 7.22 are doing. besides the fact that they are huge in numbers and by all measures a successful ministry, they are stopping for a moment and changing. why? because from what i guess, they need to be doing other things to reach those people that aren't being reached.

gutsy, honorable, courageous, and cooky. these are they types of people i want to go into battle with. 

check this out and let me know what you think. click here.