Saturday, November 29, 2008

to giving thanks...

so it's the saturday after thanksgiving. this is probably the most relaxing thanksgiving that i've experienced in about 5 years. it's kind of weird...takes time getting used to it. 

so this is what my holiday was like...

tues - thanksgiving celebration with home church...about 20-25 in attendance; nice
wed - handling business at work till about 5.30 pm
thurs - spent time with the fam...ate and then watched true blood episodes 8-11; nice again
fri - worked on some stuff at home; worked on a friend's wedding and then worked to make sure the ceremony went was lovely
sat - watched dream girls (i wish i could sing or have soul would be cool enough) spent good time with adriana and little dave; started reading 'good to great; social sectors'

needless to say, i was very thankful for the time to stop. it's important to hit the breaks from time to time in order to rest and refocus. 

he's what i gathered on thanksgiving reflection...

-thankful to God (for everything)
-thankful to wife (for almost everything)
-thankful for son (he is developing so quickly)
-thankful for fam (their support is incredible)
-thankful for friends (many of them seem to get it; incredible)

so, i'm just plain thankful.  what about you? why are you thankful?

Monday, November 24, 2008

to compassion and action...

tonight i read about compassion...luke 7. it's always incredible to read that Jesus cares and then he shows you how. he not only sees needs, he works to meet them.

lots to learn here. we can pray, which is good. but faith is a verb. something that needs to be placed into action. 

we can offer God to people and they may even choose to follow him, but that does not change their situation, whatever it may be. 

for example, a hungry person trusts in God and we pray. they will still be hungry right afterwards.

an illiterate person begins to follow God, they still can't read.

a person suffering from illness confesses Christ, they are still ill.

help me understand...what is the role of those who call themselves Christ followers?

how far are we to go? what are we supposed to do?

i know we are to pray. but then what? what does one do next?

help me out.