Sunday, January 18, 2009

to history...

so as we get ready for a historic moment in US history, just wanted to remind folks not to get too busy to miss it.

it's not just another holiday or just another inauguration. for what ever it's worth, whether one voted for obama or not, it's history. 

if you wanna see the impact first hand, you are all invited to watch the inauguration with me at Greater St. Paul AME church, in the West Grove (miami), fl. it's a predominantly african/haitian community; low income. we will be showing the live feed of the inauguration plus a moving word from general colen powell earlier. events begin at 9 - filled with words of inspiration, art, performance, food, and history. if you plan on going, please call the number below to rsvp

come and watch the impact of this event on a community near you. fyi, food will be served for free, just be sure to call ahead of time

Greater St Paul AME Church
3680 Thomas Avenue Miami Florida 33133
(305) 448-2742