Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer of 07

all you suckaz...im back. been a bit of a crazy summer, but we made it. just so you know, i've adopted a new friend from guatemala. i like to call him mr. worm. he is currently abiding within my stomach. im losing weight which is good, but im dizzy a lot. gotta get that taken care of. anyhow, he'll be out sooner or later.

This summer i...

went to a ms/hs camp in NC
went to guatemala to do a youth camp/vbs
went to orlando for the college and singles summer retreat
went back to guatemala for the pastor's conference (AMAZING!)
going to cuba in sept.

for all of you haters who have knocked my absence, your mom. j/k. your dad, seriously. :-) like you guys much.

just a reminder to all of you have started your classes this month...i graduated already. i no longer have to go to school. take it as incentive for finishing your classes as soon as possible. one day, you to will be able to say that with confidence -- school is over.

any way, on a serious note, this year could be the year that...
-you shared your faith with that person that you see over and over, but you've never shared with before
-you go out and feed a homeless person out of the abundance that you have
-you shave your head bald
-plug into your church and connect to a ministry
-you and give a whole lot more than you receive

just some thoughts that have been on my mind for some time now.

DONT FORGET -- Sept. 2 ZEAL - ONE (first anniversary/birthday part for zeal) be there or not be there, its still gonna be pretty awesome

for all of you who have been praying for us, much graz. for all of you who have been working with us this summer, much graz.