Sunday, February 18, 2007


I don’t feel like it...word that we utter when the undesired comes about. It has become a statement of words used to justify what we do or what we don’t do; especially when we feel like it or not. Imagine if some of the greatest doers of the our world would have fallen into the circle of those that I will call the “inconvenienced.’ Would we still be writing by candlelight? As I write this blog entry, I do so from the comfort of a back seat, as I am driving back from a retreat in Orlando. What if Edison would not have felt like it? Would he have been able to live with himself in an ‘inconvenienced’ state? What if the Marx brothers would have given up on flight? If after attempt 37 they would have given up because perhaps they felt that it was not worth it or because they just did not feel like it? Talk about inconvenienced. Tonight a young lady was sharing about inconveniencing and joining into the ministry of suffering – for us in the states, it’s more about the ministry of inconvenience. What if Abraham wasn’t into traveling? If he had not felt like going to the mysterious beyond when God invited him? What if Noah wasn’t into building boats? Maybe it was just too much of a hassle. What if Moses was not into parting the seas or even sheep herding for that matter? What would have occurred if these men of old had not felt like it because it was too much of an inconvenience to them? What if Barnabas had decided not to spend time with Saul because of the inconvenience? What if Peter had not been into sharing with the multitudes? What would have come of that? What if Paul was not into writing letters? What if Jesus was not into crosses?

Could it be that we have missed and are now missing what God has called us into existence for because we refuse to be a bit inconvenienced? God’s greatest blessing lies in the fact that He has blessed us greatly to accomplish His greater will. What is His will? It is doing that which we can do, with the blessings that we have been given, because for some reason or another, He chose to endow us with these blessings, these opportunities in order to accomplish something greater than us experiencing comfort in the menial. The blessing of His will lies in recognizing that we are capable of so much more. The cost of so much more for us...inconvenience.

Oh, that we would go and live on the edge of inconvenience. Oh, that we would experience being in a foreign place where we have no control; in this place where we would be forced to put a complete faith in Christ. After, is this not what He did Himself? He emptied Himself, taking the form of man in order to experience life as we know it. He left all that He knew, His glory, His paradise, His comfortable home, to be with a bunch of foreigners. He had a complete faith in His Father; that He knew what He was doing and when He was going to do it. What if Christ had not felt like it? What if it would have been too much of an inconvenience?

Ironically, there is a silent cry that most cannot hear calling out to each of us, daily. It is a plea to those who have been rescued to not leave those in need, behind. It is a simple matter of sharing the remedy of truth. We cannot control if they will respond to the cure or not. However, we can attempt to administer it. And yet, to our own demise, we choose not to, daily, because we do not feel like it. What a pity. What a shame.

Imagine what could be, what should be. Yet we settle for an alternative truth. The truth is that we don’t care enough about others because it inconveniences us, because we don’t feel like it. God forgive me, for not caring about that which you care most about...that which you value most – Your Kingdom, Your Glory, Your Creation.