Thursday, April 24, 2008

did you know....

in 2007, for the first time in 65 years, more churches were actually started than those that closed. could be both positive or negative. good things, i think. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

who i met and what i've learned so far...

so, right off the top, i was invited to be part of a pretty cool dinner last night. among the new 'friends of dave' are a cool group of people responsible of putting on the CATALYST CONFERENCE, Ed Stetzer (church planting beast and SBC rep - i had to walk behind him to take a pic with him), Allan Hirsch (i think he's a modern day prophet and visionary of the organic/missional church movement), and the purpose driven guru himself, mighty rick warren (as i kissed his forehead, he fell over in uncontrollable laughter).
what i've learned...
christianity - christ = religion (duh, but take a look around, sounds all to familiar)
church the way we are doing it is good for about the 20% of americans that would be open to it (about 12 - 15% actually attend once a month based on stats.)
WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 80% that don't care??!!! WTF! 
we don't take christ to people - if he's God, then he's already working. our role is to help people interpret these 'religious' experiences through the filter which is christ. this is pretty profound in that most people know that if they want to get closer to god, they would normally go to church. the irony lies in that God is everywhere, whether the church is there or not. so what's he doing? he's prepping the people to meet him through the expression of church - His people and oddly enough, not His building.
meaning, the people in your circles of life, have been waiting for you - God's been working on them before you even got there. how will you engage them to help them understand their experience with the almighty?
the church does not have a mission -- God's mission has the church (missio dei - latin for the mission of God - to reconcile a dead world back to himself by using any means possible, mainly the church (people -- you and i )
how are you involved in this? 
totally psyched because it helps to answer the question of what matters most.
any how, just some tid bits. that's all for now. i believe God's gonna do something amazing in miami soon with our current churches and the ones that are to come! be part of it!
if you are not, consider joining a new effort in your town
what do you think? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

in orlando...

so, i'm in olrlando this week at the national church planters conference. for more info:

lots of different people, different ideas, different forms...same goal. work with God to build His kingdom.

please pray for me as i discern the next steps of this new work. also, please pray for those that are considering joining this effort. it's not like what most of us know, so it will mean almost detoxing from previous ideas of what is and what was to what could be.

anyway, see you guys on friday.

question for the e-world are you working with God to build His kingdom where you are?

at work?
at school?
at home?
at church?

let me know. just trying to gather info as we determine the strategy for this new work