Wednesday, July 1, 2009

to the sexy prayer...

so i was thinking about guys that lead worship. some cool, others not so much.

either way, when they get into, there's almost always that pause or break in the middle where you can sense that something cool is going on. it's at that point that the sexy prayer begins.

passionate words are uttered. hand gestures are used. it even becomes emotional. 

the catch is in the tone. the voice and feel changes. it's...well, it's sexy.

am i the only one that thinks so?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

to breathers...

so being out in the community meeting folks and developing new partnerships is pretty exciting...and draining. been out and about moving fairly quickly for the last few weeks and i'm a bit tired.

not complaining, just stopping to breathe.

if i don't i'll miss the other good things happening all around me.

don't forget to look up every now and then; lots of good things happening in our world.