Saturday, February 10, 2007

From disaster to a free fall

Recovering from disaster. Words that we here from all over parts of the world, our own country, and city. Typically we read and here this phrase after some form of natural disaster, a lifechanging event, or after a rampant disease and it's affects on society. This phrase can easity describe some of our daily adventures. Unfortunately, it can describe what some of our most special relationships are like. If you have ever broken trust and tried to fix things afterwards, you understand the idea of recovering from disaster. When you have failed to kept your word and broken faith with others, we hope that they let us fix things -- recovering from disaster. Daily, we can crash and burn with ourselves and the how we fail to meet our own expectations in life. We wake up, take a deep breath, and begin reconstruction - recovering from disaster. Amazing, how we work. If we would only learn to be better. To be more consistent at the good and avoid doing that which leads to failure. Would we have to recover from disaster all that often? I'm not sure. I know that one of the things that all of us are consistent at doing...failing. Crashing and totally messing things up. We all one way or another recover. The question is, how well do we recover? Some us learn and grow. Some of us don't and shrink. These are the people always wondering why life hates them - why life is always picking on them. We grow through disaster. We learn through failure. We experience by risking. We grow not sure what the word is, but the idea is a mom eagle throwing her kids out of the nest in order to learn how to fly. If they don't get pushed out, they won't learn to fly. They won't learn to fend for themselves. They will grow co-dependent and eventually die. When you get pushed out you learn by force. Often times, we fail at what we achieve because we are often pushed into doing it. However, we all recover. We hit the ground learning lessons the hard way, but we learn, we grow, we recover. The school of experimentation and risk: LIFE. Recovery is the process of growth. (I learned this watching Gray's Anatomy - Thursday nights ABC).

I've not figured it out yet. But i've crashed alot. Still crashing. Still alive. Still growing. Still living and loving.

"i'm free, free falling.
And all the vampires
walkin' through the valley move west down ventura
And all the bad boys are standin' in the
shadows, and the good girls
Are home with broken hearts."

Tom Petty & the H-breakers