Tuesday, April 15, 2008

to what's next...

just in case you missed it, the announcement was made this last weekend - with God's help, adriana and i will be working towards launching a new church here in town. we've been wrestling with different circumstances to get us overseas, yet we've not been able to go. after prayer and searching for God in his word, we believe that our calling to missions is still valid, we just need to put into practice what we'd be doing over there, over here. so this is where we are and where we hope to go for the next step. 

excited and nervous. anyhow, that's how it is. we are grateful to MBC for all their support and help over the last 4 years. we've been blessed and have grown as we've served there. we know that God is working there and that he has a great plan for MBC and it's team. we love them all dearly.

so...to what's next - there it is. join us in prayer as we venture out to the great unknown...again.

how to pray:

God's direction and guidance for the new church
housing in right area of town
for the lost to know Christ
for God to grow his church here and globally

will you join us in prayer? let me know. thnx again.