Saturday, March 1, 2008

don't forget...

all right blog world - this is your official reminder ZEAL is tomorrow night: journey starts @ 7.30 pm - don't miss it.

also, as we get ready for ZEAL april, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on subject matter that would be good to be addressed, let me know. if not, then we'll probably end up talking about sex. that's right. that's what i'm thinking right now.

any how, best thing that happened today - my son made a clown feel bad. she started making something for him out of a balloon but he just wanted the balloon.

made me think, sometimes we try to over complicate matters when it's the basics of simplicity that will make the lasting impression -- it's also the stuff that we are more likely to remember. 

we don't remember sesame street because of the amazing graphics or computer generated effects. we can see the sticks the puppets work off of. what we do remember is how to count, spell, and identify colors (for most you at least).  any way, details can sometimes bring things down. keep the basic plan excellent, the rest will fall into place. good night. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

wisdom from others...

i'm always impressed when i spend time with a local pastor and wife. they are some of the people that i probably respect the most in this world. they've been around longer than we have in different circles of ministry. either way, i'm grateful for examples like theirs. these are the kind of people that i want to be like when i'm older. things that we touched on our time with each other...

1. fear God above all things - when you mess with God, you're gonna get messed up

2. know that you know beyond all things that you know what God has called you to do and where to do it

3. being a 'man' is a hard thing to do, especially when most remain boys

4. God is the One building his church, not anyone of us (no matter how cool or innovative we think we are - at the end of the day, He's in control, not you, me,or the iMac)

5. today, it may seem like God and church are separate from each other. that should not be the case. when church is not in God, then church has a problem, not God

6. 3 sides make a square. (i'm not sure how, but it makes sense when he explains it to me.)

-what do you think about this advice?

-what's the best piece of advice that you've ever received from people that you respect and listen to?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

growing it better?

what are your thoughts on bigger churches and what they do? check this out and let me know.