Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Funny thing about choices...

Funny thing about making choices, especially when the choices you make will affect you greatly, potentially for ever. What should i do? Where should i go? What does God really want me to do? All valid questions, that i unfortunately do not have all the answers for, I am not God. However, in my experience, i've learned that when you begin to ask the right questions, discerning what is next does not seem that difficult. Based on who you are and the experiences that you have gone through, where you do you see yourself making the biggest splash for Him and His kingdom? Before your dreams, before your goals, what is God's dream, His goal? Once you've discovered what that is, where do you fit into that picture?

Funny thing about making choices, we often make some of the biggest decisions beginning by asking the wrong questions, the wrong priorities at heart, beginning with us first in mind. Then we wonder, why things aren't as good as they should be. Why things don't always work out. Weird part is, we then ask God what is going on? Why aren't things better or as good as they should be? What would happen if we started deciding with Him in mind? What if the priority was His and not ours? What would the outcome be? It would be better for God and His kingdom and for us, as His people.

Funny thing about making choices...we will all have to make them, the question is what will we decide when the time comes to it? Choices...they really are something funny.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Life is good.

Every blessing that we receive whether we feel that it is deserved or not, it comes from God. Amazing, because we are so blessed and yet so often we fail to recognize it. When we think of the freedoms made available to us here, it leaves me floored. To think, that on the other side of this earth, in a time zone approximately 19 hours ahead of where i now am, lives are being traded and sold as if they were baseball cards or some other type of commodity. If only i would realize how truly blessed i am to live where i live, to serve where i serve, to simply be without worrying where i will be tomorrow because someone managed to 'move' for his/her better interest. How grateful i am that God, in His infinite mercy, 'moved' me to where i am today. May i be kind enough to tell of his goodness and glory. May we all be so kind to honor Him and his goodness no matter how hard or bad we may think that we may have it.