Thursday, April 30, 2009

to tests...

it's been a while since i took a test. all to say, that i was super excited when i took a test for something that i've been studying for, for about 2 months...and i passed. it wasn't a 100%, but then again, it's a pass/fail thing. 3 more and then i'm done...for now anyways.

i don't care how old one gets, test stink. 

any one else out there agree?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

beach baptism at cf...incredible!

so today crandon park/el farito, CF hosted it's beach baptism for all 5 of the campuses. besides the fact that the day was beautiful, it was incredible to see the amount of friends and family that came out to support their loves in taking the life changing step of baptism

all in all, between the 5 campuses, there were approximately 250 people baptized...incredible.

each person different, different story, different culture, different language; same God and church. 

i have a hunch that heaven will look similar to this

God is doing some crazy things!