Thursday, September 11, 2008 syndication

so i watched 30 rock for the first time tonight. funny. as i was changing channels to see what's on these days. aside from the news that ike is going to bust up  the eastern coast of tx, seems like there's tons of stuff about burning off fat, panties-medias, cartoons, the office, and really old re-runs in syndication (different strokes).

not sure what the best show on tv is today, but i've got some ideas. i would love to hear about what you guys are watching out there in the blog world. 

so give it up...what are you guys watching on tv?

what's the best thing on tv today? 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

to the hitachi...

so tonight we had some awesome cuban food at our gathering. madd props to yannick's mom and her glorious hitachi. it may not solve all of the worlds problems, but it sure does make some really good rice.

besides really good food, we had an amazing time of prayer and intimacy with each other. amazing how the hitachi can bring people together :-)

to the hitachi! thanks yan. (you complete me - you had me at hitachi)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

i should host the VMA's next year...

i've never been so disappointed with the selection committee on who elects the host of the VMA's. 

here's the question:

was no one else available to host? - next year, mtv, i'll be around!

besides the stupid appearance, foolish comments, and ridiculously tight pants, the poor fellow looked like a woman with a beard. 

for a 25th anniversary, i'm thoroughly disappointed. 

the only positive things about the VMA's, they encouraged people to vote. please vote according to what you think is the best for the country. don't let people from other countries tell you how to vote, especially at the VMA's. 

also, my 2 year old kid was totally upset on the knocking of the jonas brothers and their choice on waiting till marriage for sex.