Thursday, July 17, 2008

from moments to movements...

how does one separate moments from movements? been thinking about those pivotal moments in history that lead to movements. great depression was a moment that lead to a movement. mass genocide were moments in history that caused movements of response. the stoning of stephen was a moment that sparked a movement of faith. moments of sickness caused movements of cure and healing. moments of poor economy caused movements of innovation and change. 

have you seen moments today that are waiting to happen that will lead to the birthing of movements? good or bad, i bet you they are there. whether we like it or not, once the movement begins, we normally can't do much to stop it. rather we are faced with how we will deal with it; positive or negative. 

there are moments in my life that are clear. moments that marked me and defined part of who or what i am today. just a thought, perhaps my life is a constant movement that is being forged and directed by moments. 

burning bush = moment
parting of the seas = moment
fire from heaven = moment
walking on water = moment
feeding of 5000 = moment
laying of hands for healing = moment

yet, any single one of these moments was and is critical to the lives of those that experienced them. for moses, his moments lead to a nation wide movement. for Christ, his moments lead to a social/spiritual/history changing movement. for paul/peter and the rest, those moments of faith and/or suffering, lead to movements that still seep with spirit and truth. those are the ideas and hopes of something better that run in our veins. it is in the quiet still moments when God speaks movements into place. 

i want to be part of that. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

to hearing from others...

this week i've learned and relearned some pretty profound things from members of our church. so here they are in no particular order
-if there is no risk, can there really be faith?
-if i am are comfortable in my faith, then i'm probably not moving towards Christ and his desire for me
-my discomfort comes from the change that Christ is wanting to create in me
-to trust the Spirit, means to trust the fact that He works through others, not only through me
-God is actively bringing lost people to me, i just need to look up and acknowledge them
-Lost people can validate good things - they know good when they see good
-God is actively working towards change - in people, places, things, and creation (me especially)

i think that's a lot. 

what's God been teaching you?