Saturday, February 14, 2009

to saying thanks...

so as i was reading this morning, i came across this passage that made me think. 

in summary, 10 marginalized men needed physical help. Jesus helps all 10 of them, but only one of them comes back to say 'thanks.' His response is 'where are the other nine?'

am i really thankful for all the blessings that i receive; both big and small?

have i really done a good job saying 'thank you' to God and those that He uses to bless me?

i found my self going thru today's events and realizing that there is a bunch of stuff to be thankful about, but unless i would have stopped to reflect on it, i probably would have gone about my regular business and not saying thanks.

have you stopped to say thank you to God or others that He has used to care for you?

has anyone ever stopped to thank you?

let us hear about it

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

to public educators aka teacher...

so we've been working through some things called 'reach beyonds' 

these are opportunities for people to serve others beyond their current circles of life

our emphasis in feb and march will be to serve the teachers of miami-dade county; for their work and effort in serving our children

this is a shout out to mrs brown, my first grade teacher at village green elem. 

i love her, she always gave me more cookies and taught me about verbs!

any way, we all have fav teachers or teachers that we remember for good reasons

this blog is going out to them

who's your fav teacher and why?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

to a random update...

so it's been a while. for all of you out there, lots going on. ministry to continues to move forward and change. that's good. health is back to normal, that's good. 

dave started daycare and is on his way to being potty trained.

adriana started her new ft job - that's a blessing

we joined christ fellowship church - we are serving in their missions dept in the palmetto bay and downtown campuses. i got to teach this went well.

like i said, lots of good things been happening, but they've been happening pretty quickly.

just wanted to update blogland of what has become. looking forward to hearing from you all soon