Saturday, February 2, 2008

too much to do...

i am faced with the reality that there will always be something more to do. there is just too much and too little time. so in the process, i feel that God challenges me with using and developing discernment. since i cannot do everything (only God can), part of what i must figure out is what am i supposed to be focusing the majority of my time on. marcus buckingham says that you should 'play to your strengths. you may better weakness to being average at best, but people don't pay for average. focus on your strengths and make yourself invaluable to your organization.' regarding the weaknesses, my weaknesses are somebody else's strengths. one body in Christ makes sense. for all of you who aren't actively serving, your best is waiting to be developed, which means some one out there is doing your role at an average level at best. if we serve God, then he truly deserves the best that we have, not the best of our average. in sports we play our best players to win. in business we use our best people to make the sale and close the deal. you and i have a role in being the best at something that will truly matter, even when the sports season finishes or the fortune 500 company closes. what we do will last forever. make the most of your talent and abilities-it will have an impact on people and time that we will never fully measure until we are on the other side of the fence.

so the question is, what do i do?
-serve (trial and error - eventually we will find our fit)
-pray some more
-keep serving and develop others to take what we do and make it better
-keep praying

there will always be too much to do. thank goodness we've not been called to do it all. use discernment and serve in your strengths and potential. do that well.

'this one thing i do'
- Paul, apostle, martyr, servant, example

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here's to the wii

as we were finishing up small group tonight, i had my opportunity of raising my goblet in toast to the monsters of rock. i rocked so hard that the vibrations of the tv sent a candle flying off and smashing into a bunch of pieces. it was was awesome. for a moment i felt like i had revisited micheal j fox in back to the future part one --- guitars and amps everywhere; he goes flying. to the wii and the unity that it brings. rock on wii, rock on.