Wednesday, May 14, 2008

to a great beginning...

so we began church tonight. those present: a nurse, police officer, school teacher, administrator, project coordinator, and i. what's cool is that i didn't do most of the talking. lots of questions went unanswered and i think that it was ok that they weren't answered. truth is, some answers i don't have and for some of the ones that i do, maybe God has a better one.

i'm learning that i need to slow down and listen to Him. His leading and direction; especially in His business, i.e. the church. we all agreed that we needed this and that we will continue to walk together, despite the fact that we are all mainly strangers.

it's funny how the common factor is Christ -- that's really all we need. that's all we had. we've decided that before we get into too many details and try to set up parameters, we will walk through the book of Acts as a church together to determine what God wants and not just assume on traditions or personal preferences. 

so we began church tonight. mixed feelings -- pretty positive overall. i don't want to jump the gun, so i'm trying to contain so much because we are just beginning. but i think it's the beginning of something good, something fresh, something new and old at the same time.

to a great beginning...watching God do what He does best!