Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Going weekly

hey everyone, just to remind you that zeal goes weekly in may. start making plans for it now - God's gonna do something great; He already is. see you all there -- it starts at 7.15 pm.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Changing trends...even in california

As we drove down highway 1 this morning i was spending some time reading about different trends occurring in our modern world today. it amazes me how the shift from where we were to where we are is occurring right under our noses and we don't even realize it. from one end to another, the can people can be so different and yet so similar. everyone independent of anyone else. each going in their own directions to achieve their own goals. as i read and watched it dawned on me some of the shifts that have occurred in miami over the last 3 years since we got back.

1. Price of real estate changed and with it the 'kinds' of people that live in certain parts of the city
2. People try to get the most return on the minimal amount of work
3. We all deserve what we want, whether we have earned it or not
4. More and more couples seem to be divorcing
5. We are starting to see the emerging 3rd and 4th generations of kids who are now American Hispanic vs. Hispanic American
6. Kids born here seem to be turning against foreigners of their countries of origin

there's some more stuff, but it's too late right now. it's 2 am in miami and even though im on the west coast, my body and mind are still on the east.

point of the blog is work towards your goal by putting in the time and energy. it's not a bad thing to work and to work hard for what you sense God watns. and along the way, don't forget that their were many that went ahead before you; be nice to them.