Monday, March 2, 2009

to yp summit 09...

so this morning spent some time listening to...

dave edwards...traveling communicator
darren w. from axis (willow creek)
jay strack from student leadership university
francis chan from cornerstone church - cali
david nasser from iran - grew up in the US and is now speaking everywhere

the lead singer from 3rd day
shane 1 of shane and shane and some other great musicians

good folks in good places all doing different things. it just reminded me on how organized God is. all of us doing different things at the same time and yet it's all part of the same picture/puzzle.

lots of good things raising lots of good questions among my staff and internally. good stuff today. looking forward to spending time in break out sessions tomorrow morning and finishing with francis chan again tomorrow afternoon.

keep you posted with more

i miss my wife and son.