Saturday, July 26, 2008

friends need help...

it would be most kind of you all to help alex and kristel by purchasing some of their stuff as they get ready to leave to n.c. i'm sure they would greatly appreciate your money and willingness to give it to them. help a brother and sister out!.

much thnx!

Friday, July 25, 2008

to the funk...

recently a friend of mine shared about being in a 'funk' with God and life. i can totally relate. those moments when nothing makes sense. or even if they do, you really don't care. it's almost as if you become stagnant and you cease from living, you merely exist. 

those moments are tough. it's always easy to comment when you're not in the 'funk' about what to do or how to get out or a spiritual prescription on the matter. do this and you're out. fact is, it's been different for me every time. and every time i get out of the 'funk' i too am different. usually better for having gone through it. 

i hate going through the mud and yet mud treatments are great for your skin. maybe perspective is what changes funk from treatments. 

how do you handle the 'funk' when it hits you?

let me know.