Saturday, October 18, 2008

to sweeney todd...

we took my son to get a haircut tonight. he's much stronger than i realized. for those of you that don't know; he hates the barber. it's like he sees sweeney todd.

either way, he's much more handsome now. he hates me, but at least he looks good doing it. hope to have a pic up soon. 

he's afraid of the machine. i know it sounds silly, but i hate clowns.

any other fears out there? 

let me know.

Friday, October 17, 2008

to instability...

October 17, 2008

it's weird because i don't things in the world have been so unsettled like they are today. as i read this morning, watched last night, and heard on the radio on the way to the office today, everything seems to be going haywire. whether economy, jobs, health, climate change, or life, it doesn't seem to really matter. 

if it exists, it's going bonkers. 

in my time of reading, it's moments like these that God will use to create stability in His people. when all else fails, He won't. when all else seems to crumble, He doesn't. when it's too hot, He's just right. when injustice gets worse, He gets better. when....He....

i've been learning that during the instability, i will be the stability that God will use to navigate people through these hard times. it's not that i'm better than most. on the contrary, i find myself among the general public in the u.s. just trying to get by. and still, i'm not freaking out. i really think that this is part of the 'mystery of the gospel' that paul refers to. 

how can you stay calm when all else is going off?

how can you not lose sleep when people keep getting laid off?

how you can you...finish the sentence. 

i can because He is, was, and will be. in control, on top of things, planning out time for His best interests. 

thank goodness that i'm not in control He is. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

to observations...8 of them

so as i considered number 100, i thought about writing 100 reasons for this, that, or the other. not happening.

so here it is. as i've recently started journaling again (healthy exercise), i come to grips with a couple of things. among them. so here's to 8 observations that i've made this last year...

1- the need for more prayer, especially when all is well

2- the need for more prayer, especially when all is not well

3- obedience =  where my faith intersects with God's faithfulness

4- when you are doing something new, it's always hard

5- reverting to what you know is always easiest

6- God is more concerned with His glory than mine (rightfully so...He's God)

7- If we're not planning on changing lives, then we're thinking too small

8- i want to be on the amazing race

maybe i'm missing a couple of thoughts on here. let me know