Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter moments...

so on friday night, for the evening worship concert, for some reason, i sensed that someone was looking at me. have you felt that sensation? when you know you are being watched; weird. any how, in the middle of the concert i look back and there is jason; a young teen who is para-palegic in his wheel chair looking at me. i looked at him and smiled. he smiled in response. i winked at him and  he winked back. after my time was done at the sound board, i walked back and sat next to jason. for some reason he reached over and held my hand as we sang in worship. the song playing was 'shout to the lord' by hillsong. needless to say, i was moved to tears quickly because jason can't speak. at best, he made sounds to get across what he felt inside as he joined with the rest of the church. i can't imagine how Christ must have felt in that moment to know that one more was doing his very best in worshipping Christ. moved, proud, happy, proud. 

i thought for a moment about how poor of a worshipper i truly am. sometimes i don't want to and sometimes i just don't care. 

his mom didn't know what was going on (they were first time visitors). she'd never seen him so moved before - the power of worshipping Christ.

once again, i realized, that worship has very little to do with a song or how well i may or may not sing. worship has to do with the object of my attention. as long as it's Christ, i don't think He cares too much about how great the notes are, as He does the intention and sincerity of heart.

Christ taught me and spoke to me through jason; through one that cannot speak. worship Christ with all that you have - that's why you have it.

what was your most inspiring moment this easter? 

how did God speak to you this weekend?