Thursday, January 20, 2011


if you've ever done a cannon ball into a pool, you know how fun it can be, especially when the splash is great and you get folks wet...on purpose.

however, sometimes, i've splashed more people than i had originally planned. why? because when i jump in, i close my eyes and then come what may. that's good if i'm aiming to be reckless. that's not so good if i'm trying to calculate my move.

so i said something the other day that i regretted when it came out and i still regret it to this moment.

it was one of those comments that had a much larger affect than i expected it to have. rest assure that it wasn't a curse word or a poor joke. no, it was a comment that was pretty egotistical. i know, can you believe it? me? nah...

anyhow, my language made a pretty big splash, for the worst. especially to the folks that were around me whom heard me say the comment.

i know in time the splash dries off, but it takes time. same thing with the comment. but it takes different amounts of time for language to dry off of different people

all of that could have been avoided, had i controlled my tongue - James, authentic faith. DOH!

open your eyes before you jump. the splash may not be worth it