Tuesday, January 11, 2011


as the new year is getting started, i've been challenged early by my leadership to think farther and beyond. the only way that the movement of God will sustain and grow in the future will be thru:

a. the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of His people
b. replication of the saints (at all levels)

as one who leads, the question that i'm facing most is "how many other folks am i training to lead at the same level as i, or greater?"

with that in mind, i've looked in the mirror and have stared at the statement "replication is intentional"

unless i replicate into others, it dies with me.

a goal for this year will be to apprentice others into leadership; intentionally.

who are you intentionally building into? how long is the process taking you?

we all need to learn together

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stephsharpe said...

definitely agree with you about intentionally pouring your life into someone. Jesus did it to his disciples, Paul to Timothy, and it has not died.