Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts on culture, anthropology, and other stuff...

So I'm in the middle of finishing my masters; over the next few months, some excerpts will be from some of my working thesis...enjoy!


Often times, culture and ethnicity are commonly mistaken for being the same thing. However, culture does not equal ethnicity. Culture crosses all lines of race, class, socio economics, and even ethnicities.

Because all aspects of life evidence culture, one’s culture is a learned process of incorporative behaviors, languages, responses, and beliefs (enculturation).

Learned culture will begin to lead to the most effective forms of communicating, thus creating clearer opportunities for the gospel to be shared. However significant enculturation may be, it’s critical to maintain that biblical culture will always supplant any and all cultural ethics. Often times, this will lead to problems, especially when biblical culture is in direct opposition to the culture being engaged by the missionary/church planter.

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